SilvasonsTM Services

Silvasons has been providing our services in the machine shop industry for over 40 years. We have spent that time perfecting our proprietary processes and developing the know-how you need from us in order to provide you with the best service and turnaround time to get your equipment running right, and right on time. Our three key services are:

SilvasonsTM Design Services

Here at Silvasons, we enjoy being able to bring your ideas to life, be they a sketch, blueprint, technical drawing, or even a simple drawing on a napkin. Whether you have material preferences, strength requirements, or approaching deadlines, we will work with you to make your thoughts into reality. We work closely with facility engineers, technicians, and operators in order to maximize usability, ergonomics, and employee safety all throughout our design process, ensuring your finished product is on time, on budget, and to your specs.

SilvasonsTM Reengineering Services

We understand what it means to keep your machines and equipment going, and we will make backordered or out-of-production parts a part of your past. Whether you have a sample part, a drawing, or even a broken part with no drawings or specs, we can re-make your part, bracket, guard, etc, and get you back on track to continue production in a fraction of the time as our competition. Silvasons has a unique method for measuring and taking dimensions from existing parts and equipment. Our hands-on approach and clear lines of communication help us to get your part right. We review and test your parts to ensure that they meet industry standards or better.

SilvasonsTM Manufacturing and Fabrication Services

Whether you need a repair or a new part, we pride ourselves on our speed and precision, and can make what you need out of various materials. Mild steel, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, Lexan; all can be made into parts, guards, fittings, brackets, and many other possibilities, depending on your application. Our process helps us choose the best methods for your products. From machining to welding, cutting, or fitting, and in a standard or emergency situation, you can rely on us to get you through.

Silvasons Machines and Capabilities

CNC Machines


Okuma & Howa 6VA Vertical Milling Center

► X max: 50"

► Y max: 25"

► Z max: 21"


Okuma & Howa 3VA Vertical Milling Center

► X max: 22"

► Y max: 14"

► Z max: 19"


Mazak Quick Turn 25L Turning Center

► X max swing: 13.75"

► Z max: 48"

Conventional Machines


Royal 20 1/2" G X 80" Horizontal Lathe

► Max length: 14'

► Max diameter: 14"

American Zip Shift Horizontal Lathe


Bridgeport Series I Vertical Mill


Hermes Blohm Surface Grinder

► 48" x 12" x 13" on Z

Abrasive Number 1 1/2 Surface Grinder


DoAll V-36 Horizontal Bandsaw

► Max cut capacity: 10"

Daito SA360B Vertical Bandsaw

► Max round capacity: 14"

► Max square capacity: 12"



Miller CP-250TS MIG Welder

Miller Synchrowave 200 TIG Welder


Enerpac 50-ton Capacity Hydraulic Press

Threadwell Arbor Press


We also offer the following services:

► Water jet cutting

► Laser cutting

Contact us with your inquiry and we will accomodate you.




Silvasons Machine Shop has an extensive inventory of materials on hand to ensure our turnaround is as fast as possible. Our materials include, in various sizes and gauges:


► Stainless Steel and Steel rod

► Stainless Steel and Steel tubing - square, round and rectangular

► Stainless Steel and Steel stock - square and round

► Steel I-beams


Silvasons can machine and manufacture from a variety of materials, including:

►Stainless Steel

►Alloy Steel

►High-Temp Alloys




►Tool Steels


►Carbon Steel


►Nickle Alloy

►Plastics (all types)

Contact us with any questions regarding our stock.